I heard the brand is closing. When is that? Get To Work Book will be closing at the end of 2023. The final dated version is the January-December 2024 planner that can be purchased here. I have also released an undated version that can carry you past 2024 if you're interested! If you sign up for the newsletter you'll be the first to hear about final ordering dates.

When will my order ship? Usually within 1-2 business days. If your item is a pre-order it will ship according to the date listed on the product page. You will receive an email when your shipping label has been printed and you can track your order from there, please note, it may take 24 hours to appear in the USPS system.

When is the bookmark restocking? I am so sorry -- I will not be able to restock the bookmark; my supplier shut down during the pandemic. However, there are options! If you are searching, you want something that is designed for a "wire-o spiral". So something like this or this on etsy should do it! 

I'm outside the US, can I purchase? Yes! I ship internationally. Please note that as the buyer, you are responsible for paying all customs fees and dues.

How much is shipping? Shipping is determined by weight. This is a heavy book and it costs a lot to get it across the globe. To determine exactly how much shipping is, please enter your address in during the checkout process. As an estimate, it's $5 to ship a single book to the US, $18 to Canada and $26 everywhere else. This price will increase if you order additional heavy items. Tracking for all orders is provided but please note, it is (frustratingly) not always accurate for international orders.

How can I make a change to my order or shipping address? Please email elise@gettoworkbook.com as soon as possible in order to avoid delays.

My order arrived, but it looks like there might be something wrong with it! Oh no! Please email me right away at [email protected] and I will get you fixed up! So sorry for the trouble.

This purchase showed up in PayPal/on my credit card as a payment to Elise Joy, Inc. is that right? Yep! Perfect! You're set!

Are you offering printable PDFs or a downloadable version? I do not have plans at this time for a full digital planner but I do offer printable products of some of the most popular GTWB designs. You can shop those here.

Can I make a return? Yes! Full details here.

I would like to sell your book in my shop. Do you offer wholesale rates? At the moment I do not. I am sorry!

My question has not been answered! Please shoot me an email at elise AT gettoworkbook.com.